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The Data Dispatch – Uncovering the State of Our Data


Last week I joined Gary Cregan and Martin Lawrence to present at Digital Leaders Week. Rather surprisingly, the talk was rated as one of the top three most downloaded for …

The Data Dispatch – Garbage In, Garbage Out

16/03/2021  2 comments

Data quality is a challenge across all local government bodies (Nesta 2016 report), despite the fact that it is a key contributor to delivering high-quality services. This blog is an attempt to start a conversation about how we might address our data quality.

The Data Dispatch – Does Data Science Matter?

03/03/2021  2 comments

Part of Sam Shaw’s job with Smarter Devon is to help colleagues find ways to benefit from data science. She’s often asked to explain why being able to leverage data science matters so this blog post helps her get her thoughts in order.

The Data Dispatch – Smarter Devon: The story so far…


Sofie Francis and David Jevon caught up one grey, cold Friday in February to reminisce about developing the Smarter Devon strategy.

The Data Dispatch – Telling Stories


Sam Shaw from the Smarter Devon Team explores data visualisation, including why it is so important and how we can make the most of it.

The Data Dispatch – Pandemic Edition

21/01/2021  1 comment

Working with the Smarter Devon programme, Sam Shaw gets to nose into all sorts of data issues. Here are some of her stories relating to COVID-19 data that she would like to share.

Power BI July 2020 Mini Blog – Launch External Tools


This is part of the Semantic modelling for Power BI Programme and its a big one. Very exciting The first thing you should see is External Tools on your ribbon …

Power BI dataflows – Takeover


Dataflows allow you to separate your data transformations from your data sets. We can now centralise the dataflow and connect to the flow in power BI Desktop instead of having …

Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2020 and what it means for Power BI users


The Microsoft Business Applications Summit was held online this year on the 6 of May and as a UK user, that meant an entertaining evening of Power BI and Business …

Digital Resolution, a New Years Resolution you can keep


“For 2020 I am making a Resolution to make my working life easier, a Digital Resolution. So I will be putting the pen and paper in the drawer and only …